Alltech is a worldwide leader in animal nutrition, health and performance that has been researching yeast and natural enzyme technologies for the past three decades. Their commitment to science and innovation has allowed them to develop superior natural feed supplements and powerful feeding solutions that help farmers raise healthy animals, reduce environmental impact and replace traditional additives.

Every Alltech product is designed to adhere to the company’s pioneering ACE Principle: to deliver performance for the animal, be beneficial for the consumer, and natural and safe for the Environment. Alltech's mission is to improve animal health and performance by adding nutritional value to feed - naturally.

By using yeast fermentation and enzyme technology, Alltech provides natural solutions to the multiple challenges facing the animal feed industry, such as the search for alternative raw materials. With 24 of the top 25 feed companies in the world now using their products, Alltech sets the standard in natural nutritional solutions for the feed industry. Their mission is to address current industry issues such as raw feed material costs and nutritional quality, emerging diseases, animal products and pollution.

Alltech Products
  • BioPlex (ZN, MN, CU)
  • BioPlex Hi-4
  • Yea-Sacc 1026
  • Select GH
  • Integral (mtb-100)
  • SelPlex (2000ppm or 600ppm)
  • BioMos
  • Optigen
  • NuPro