With headquarters nestled in the beautiful hills of northern San Diego, Cenzone produces, mixes, packages and ships its own or custom-made animal feed additives to more than 50 countries. Drawing upon their extensive background in animal science, microbiology and immunology, Cenzone has developed products that not only boost animal health, but also enhance performance. Their products are always crafted from only the finest all-natural ingredients selected to suit the needs of individual animals.

The key to Cenzone’s all-natural approach lies in their use of probiotics and prebiotics — beneficial microorganisms and their nutrients. In 2000 Cenzone’s Yeasture-W was the first product from the US approved by the European Union to be distributed as a high-performance feed additive for cattle, swine and poultry. The company's goals are to make farming more profitable and keep meat, eggs and milk free of hormones and antibiotics.

Cenzone’s products are formulated with different ratios of key ingredients that work synergistically to serve a specific purpose. These ingredients include species-specific live strains of yeast cultures, beneficial microorganisms, digestive enzymes, immuno-stimulating beta-glucan, and pathogen-absorbing MOS (Mannan Oligosaccaride). These probiotics result in the successful elimination and replacement of harmful organisms and substances in animals, maintaining their health and inducing faster, sustained performance.

Cenzone Products
  • Cenplex ZN 20%
  • Cenplex MN 20%
  • Cenplex CU 15%
  • Cenplex FE 20%
  • Cenplex ZN Methionine 20%
  • Microbond
  • Yeasture (Fermenture)
  • Selenium Yeast 2000ppm
  • Chromium Yeast 2000ppm
  • MOS
  • Pure Yeast (Active Saccharomyces)
  • Phytase
  • Oder-None (Yucca)