Zinpro continues to raise the bar for performance in trace minerals. They believe that all trace minerals, including their own, should deliver consistent animal performance and customer profitability.

The company's roots date back to 1971, when Dean Anderson discovered how to biochemically bind zinc to methionine in a form that proved to have the highest bioavailability. This discovery was significant because this simple, highly stable molecule was easily absorbed and utilized by animals.

Nearly 40 years later, all Zinpro performance minerals are created through much the same process as Anderson’s breakthrough, producing the most predictable, bio-available and cost-effective trace mineral products in the industry. When put to the test, Zinpro performance minerals rise above all other minerals on the market. From patented products and manufacturing processes, to intensive research and exceptional support, their central focus is their customers' success.

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Zinpro Products
  • ZinPro Products
  • ZinPro 40
  • ZinPro 100
  • ManPro 160
  • CoPro 25
  • 4-Plex
  • 4-Plex E (Organic)
  • Availa ZN 100
  • Availa CU 100
  • Availa MN 80
  • Availa 4