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At Harbor Point Mineral Products, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality nutritional products and services to our customers. A vital part of our commitment to excellence is our insistence on doing business with manufacturers who share our deep, genuine concern for the prosperity of our customers and the well-being of their animals. Based on our research and nutritional experience, we have selected a family of reputable, innovative and responsible companies to be part of our product line. And we never stop looking for manufacturers and products we are honored to distribute under the Harbor Point name.

Adisseo, a subsidiary of the BlueStar International Group, is a worldwide expert in animal nutrition, combining the excellence and quality of its know-how in a complete line of additives and services. A partner to their customers and a historic innovator in their industry, Adisseo and its employees improve animal production performances.

The controlled quality of their products and industrial processes makes Adisseo a major player in improving the food chain while protecting animals, humans and the environment. Adisseo provides support to key companies in animal nutrition, including feed producers, premixers and integrators.

Adisseo carries out its mission of improving the food chain in more than 100 countries thanks to its key products - methionine, vitamins and enzymes and related services. They have always been committed to constant improvement and optimizing the performance of their products, processes and services.

With headquarters nestled in the beautiful hills of northern San Diego, Cenzone produces, mixes, packages and ships its own or custom-made animal feed additives to more than 50 countries. Drawing upon their extensive background in animal science, microbiology and immunology, Cenzone has developed products that not only boost animal health, but also enhance performance. Their products are always crafted from only the finest all-natural ingredients selected to suit the needs of individual animals.

The key to Cenzone's all-natural approach lies in their use of probiotics and prebiotics - beneficial microorganisms and their nutrients. In 2000 Cenzone's Yeasture-W was the first product from the US approved by the European Union to be distributed as a high-performance feed additive for cattle, swine and poultry. The company's goals are to make farming more profitable and keep meat, eggs and milk free of hormones and antibiotics.

Cenzone's products are formulated with different ratios of key ingredients that work synergistically to serve a specific purpose. These ingredients include species-specific live strains of yeast cultures, beneficial microorganisms, digestive enzymes, immuno-stimulating beta-glucan, and pathogen-absorbing MOS (Mannan Oligosaccaride). These probiotics result in the successful elimination and replacement of harmful organisms and substances in animals, maintaining their health and inducing faster, sustained performance.

Natural Soda is one of the largest producers of sodium bicarbonate in North America. Their Colorado operation has provided sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to the food, animal feed, industrial and specialty markets in North America for over 10 years. Natural Soda's unique advantage is their sophisticated, reliable and efficient process for recovering pure, naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate from the largest known nahcolite deposits in the world.

Primarily used as a dairy cow feed supplement, Natural Soda's pure and natural feed grade sodium bicarbonate helps stabilize rumen pH by reducing acid conditions. Sodium bicarbonate improves rumen performance and dairy cow productivity, and is preferred by many dairymen and nutritionists over alternative buffers due to its excellent buffering capabilities and superior palatability.

Sodium bicarbonate is also a partial replacement for salt in poultry rations. Broiler operations find that sodium bicarbonate provides an alternative source of sodium that assists with litter control by providing dryer litter and a healthier living environment.

Priya Chemicals is the largest manufacturer of amino acids and amino acid-based products for use in the fields of nutraceuticals, Agriculture, veterinary, poultry and aquaculture. Founded in the year 1980, Priya Chemicals has emerged as a company with scientific spirit and with a commitment to serve mankind.

Priya has its exports in all continents. The various products of Priya are very cost-effective and provide better performance than similar products available in the world market.

Due to the sophisticated technology of enzymatic hydrolysis, amino acids obtained are in the L-form, biologically active and in a free state with high purity. Amino acids obtained in this manner are very active compounds and are maintained in this state by a special process of Priya Chemicals, which is patented.

Located in the heart of United States agriculture, West Central is a leading grain, agronomy and value-added processing entity. With headquarters in Ralston, Iowa, this member-owned cooperative boasts a national and international agricultural presence.

West Central's first priority is to help their growers, producers and livestock farmers succeed. This is done by providing customers quality products, the latest in agricultural innovation, and first-class service. As agriculture changes, advances and grows, West Central is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry. West Central employs a highly trained and educated staff to assist customers with their agricultural and business needs.

From raising healthy and productive livestock, to harvesting and selling corn and soybean crop, and beyond, West Central is in business to provide agricultural solutions for today's producers.

Alltech is a worldwide leader in animal nutrition, health and performance that has been researching yeast and natural enzyme technologies for the past three decades. Their commitment to science and innovation has allowed them to develop superior natural feed supplements and powerful feeding solutions that help farmers raise healthy animals, reduce environmental impact and replace traditional additives.

Every Alltech product is designed to adhere to the company's pioneering ACE Principle: to deliver performance for the animal, be beneficial for the consumer, and natural and safe for the Environment. Alltech's mission is to improve animal health and performance by adding nutritional value to feed - naturally.

By using yeast fermentation and enzyme technology, Alltech provides natural solutions to the multiple challenges facing the animal feed industry, such as the search for alternative raw materials. With 24 of the top 25 feed companies in the world now using their products, Alltech sets the standard in natural nutritional solutions for the feed industry. Their mission is to address current industry issues such as raw feed material costs and nutritional quality, emerging diseases, animal products and pollution.

Elanco is a global, innovation-driven company that develops and markets products to improve animal health and protein production in more than 75 countries. Elanco employs more than 2,300 people worldwide, with offices in more than 40 countries, and is a division of Eli Lilly and Company, a leading global pharmaceutical corporation.

For more than half a century, Elanco has helped shape the animal health industry around the world. Elanco has brought more than 35 agricultural and animal health products to the global marketplace, including antibacterials, parasiticides, anticoccidials, productivity enhancers and feed additives.

Elanco is committed to developing products that are safe for animals, the environment and the consumer. Their products meet stringent government regulatory and food safety requirements while providing a positive economic return for farm animal production. Along with their sophisticated laboratories, they partner with companies throughout the world to develop products that increase food production, enhance food safety and help animals live healthier lives.

The Mexican countryside and its produce are vital to Oleofinos' success, supplying a significant portion of its growing business which involves healthy fats, additives for animal nutrition, and improving yields in the dairy business. Oleofinos invests heavily in field research and laboratory studies which help the company create new raw materials and finished products that are healthier and environmentally friendly.

Oleofinos is strongly committed to serving the animal feed and dairy industries, and are constantly introducing solutions to enhance their productivity. Major products include Lactomill, 100% vegetable in origin, which increases daily consumption of fats in livestock; and feed pastes for poultry and livestock.

For more than 40 years, Redmond salt has served agriculturalists as a natural, healthy solution to meet the nutritional needs of their animals. Redmond products are clean from chemicals and pollutants that cause unnecessary harm to animals. The utilization of these minerals enables animals to perform the way nature intended. Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt and Conditioner stand for an agricultural heritage that binds humans and animals to the land and to each other.

Zinpro continues to raise the bar for performance in trace minerals. They believe that all trace minerals, including their own, should deliver consistent animal performance and customer profitability.

The company's roots date back to 1971, when Dean Anderson discovered how to biochemically bind zinc to methionine in a form that proved to have the highest bioavailability. This discovery was significant because this simple, highly stable molecule was easily absorbed and utilized by animals.

Nearly 40 years later, all Zinpro performance minerals are created through much the same process as Anderson's breakthrough, producing the most predictable, bio-available and cost-effective trace mineral products in the industry. When put to the test, Zinpro performance minerals rise above all other minerals on the market. From patented products and manufacturing processes, to intensive research and exceptional support, their central focus is their customers' success.

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